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            Welcome to Ji'nan Johnson NC Equipment Co. Ltd. call: 0531-66951632 China Contact
            》Jason Intelligent Technology

                Jinan Georsen CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.is an innovation enterprise professional in transformer equipment research and manufacture. Through those years development, we have been a professional manufacture for special using equipment in transformer, reactor and other industry.


                At present, our main product is transformer steel core manufacture equipment and coil manufacture equipment. We are focus on our machine quality and passed ISO9001 international quality certificate. Our machine get high praise from client because of reliable quality and advanced technology.

            》Equipment classification
            》 COMPANY NEWS
            Foil Winding Mac
            Silicon Plate CN
            Silicon Plate CN
            》 CONTACT US

            Ji'nan Qiaosen CNC Equipment Co. Ltd.          
            Address: K 3-2504, Hengda City, No. 58 industrial North Road, Licheng District, Ji'nan, Shandong          
            Contact: Liu manager          
            Cell phone: 15153156171 (WeChat)          
            Telephone: 15153156171          
            Mailbox: 15153156171@163.com           

            About Product News
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